How To Maintain Wrought Iron Gates

Wrought iron gate is classical and elegant, usually installed in the courtyard, although the gate from EBWROUGHTIRON is high-end, but it need to do some related maintenance for the iron gate in their daily life. How to maintain, please see the following 5 tips:


1. Avoid knocking: This is the first thing to do after purchasing the wrought iron gate. The the wrought iron gate should be handled carefully and lightly; the place where the wrought iron gate is placed should be safe; the wall of where installed the wrought iron gate should also be kept flat, so that the installation of the wrought iron gate is stable and flat. If it is unstable, it will make the wrought iron gate slight deformation, which affects the service life of gate.


2. Keep away from acid and alkali: because acid and alkali have corrosive effect on the wrought iron gate. If the wrought iron gate is accidentally stained, it should be immediately washed with clean water, and then wiped with dry cotton cloth.


3. Clean Dust : It is best to use pure cotton knitted fabric to wipe the surface of iron door. Fine soft wool brush is the best choice for cleaning in wrought iron gate depression and relief decoration.


3. Isolate dampness: The wrought iron gate should be installed in a relatively ventilated place, damp place will make metal rust prematurely.


5. Eliminate rust: If the wrought iron gate is rusty and the area of rust is not large or shallow, lube oil can be applied to the rust, and then wipe with cloth can eliminate rust. If the rust is serious, please ask professional people to repair it.

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