How To Choose Front Door With Different Materials


The front door is the "face" of a house. The first thing people see is the front door, so the material and style of the door must be chosen carefully. Villa doors are made of a variety of materials, and different styles have different flavor. Now the market is mainly based on the following materials:

1.   Stainless steel doors:

The color and style are monotonous, do not look luxurious, so only a small number of people will choose this kind of door for a villa.

2. Wooden doors:

People choose them to create idyllic courtyard style, beautiful and natural, giving a particularly relaxed feeling. Of course, the disadvantage of wooden doors is that they are easily damped and eroded by insects.

3. Copper door:

The bronze door looks very luxurious and strong. Generally, the surface of copper doors has beautiful patterns, and the aesthetics is very good. But the price is very high. If you are very rich, choose it.

4. Wrought iron doors.

This kind of door is very heavy and strong, and has many colors and designs. It is made by hand, looks very luxurious. Especially the classical style is very beautiful and elegant. But wrought iron door is easy to rust, so must choose galvanized one.

5. Aluminum doors:

       Aluminum door design is also very rich, but not vivid enough. Although aluminum doors don't rust, but his intensity is not enough, may be can not keep your house safe.

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